Sad. Bad. Happy. Good. Sure, these could all be the normal course of emotions that humans experience in a given day. But for Madeline Eckhart and Natalie Grace Martin, this range of feelings represents an umbrella of experiences powerful enough to inspire an entire album.

“Pride has not always been the most welcoming and inclusive towards the trans and non-binary community, especially for [people of color],” says Briden Cole Schueren, one of the organizers of the event. “With creating a grassroots feeling march, it brings back what Pride is all about: the inclusion of ALL the LGBTQIA letters.”

The TransOhio Transgender and Ally Symposium began as a single day event in 2008, attended by approximately 80 people. It has since grown to be a three-day conference with over 250 participants and 75+ workshops. Prizm asked one attendee to share her thoughts on the 2019 Symposium.

Great news for LGBTQ Ohioans who are finding themselves in a legal bind due to their sexual orientation or gender identity: help is now just a call (or click!) away.

Of note, this year’s Festival also will showcase two headliner firsts: Jesse Factor, a contemporary dancer, will be the first non-drag, non-burlesque headliner, and Crocodile Lightning will be the first trans headliner.