It was the drag drama heard round the world this week: Drag 101, a June 5 event requested by local teen patrons of the Delaware, Ohio library, was canceled due to threats and security issues.  Selena T. West, a 9-year drag veteran, was set to present at the event. The story has been since been picked up by several national media outlets

Sure, Cleveland might not have the first drag queen to host a Children’s Story Hour. But they might just have the tallest! On Saturday, June 15, Cleveland’s Near West Theatre will host Drag Queen Story Hour with Veranda L’ni reading stories to children in an event described as “a welcoming environment that celebrates diversity and inclusion, challenging all of us to look beyond gender stereotypes.”

Luster is a trailblazer and leader who accepts she, him, and they/their/them pronouns. More specifically, Luster is a trans-masculine activist destined to give us new insight and awareness into why “Trans Lives Matter.”

Nina West didn’t win either of the challenges on Thursday night’s episode of “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” but she certainly won a lot of hearts. 

Andrew Levitt, the 39-year-old Columbus resident who’s competing on Season 11 of the VH1 reality show, told a traumatic story about an incident during his college days at Denison University that he said informs his activism to this day.