Sure, Cleveland might not have the first drag queen to host a Children’s Story Hour. But they might just have the tallest! On Saturday, June 15, Cleveland’s Near West Theatre will host Drag Queen Story Hour with Veranda L’ni reading stories to children in an event described as “a welcoming environment that celebrates diversity and inclusion, challenging all of us to look beyond gender stereotypes.”

Three days a week, LGBTQ kids as young as 11 can drop by the LGBT Community Center of Greater Cleveland to play video games, watch TV, do crafts and hang out.

At the Harvey House in Toledo, there are clothes in the closet for teens who want to change into something more comfortably aligned with their gender identity.

Chris Cicchinelli sat in his car outside the Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. He had finally accepted his child’s longtime insistence that she was a girl, not a boy. He had finally let her pick out girl’s clothes. But at the door of the place that offers care for transgender kids and support for their families, he was nervous and afraid.