Prizm News / August 1, 2018 / By Staley Munroe For many LGBTQ+ people, fashion isn’t just a wardrobe of items from which we pick and choose our look of the day. It’s our armor, freedom and idenity.   Commentary by Staley Munroe I’ll never forget times growing up gluedContinue Reading

Prizm News / July 30, 2018 /By D’Anne Witkowski Columnist went way over the line in comparing Pride celebrations to Nazi terrorism.   By D’Anne Witkowski We may be at the end of July, but the anti-gay panic that comes to a boil in June as a result of gaysContinue Reading

Prizm News / July 23, 2018 / By D’Anne Witkowski   Happy now, Anybody-But-Hillary voters?    Commentary by D’Anne Witkowski The other day I heard a self-proclaimed Democrat who voted for Trump say he didn’t like Hillary. “Bernie would have won. We told them we wanted Bernie,” he said, referring toContinue Reading

Prizm News / July 16, 2018 / By D’Anne Witkowski He’s a proud deplorable who stokes conservative anger. But oh wait, he’s just kidding.   Commentary by D’Anne Witkowski Milo Yiannopoulos is not a good person. But then, who cares, right? It’s not like he cares about being a good person.Continue Reading