The art of storytelling embedded in movies helps us to share our unique story when no other avenue would quite do it justice. Since 2012, OutReels Cincinnati has used feature films and compelling narratives to paint a picture and share the stories of the LGBTQ+ community in a way that evokes new thoughts and emotions. 

LGBTQ+ art lovers and party people rejoice! The best of both worlds is set to occur at the second annual “Loud and Proud” Season 2 Kickoff Party on September 27th at the Columbus Museum of Art. Prizm spoke with organizer Gabriel Mastin to share what’s in store with the Museum’s hottest affinity group, and why such an initiative is so important.

The intersection of sexual orientation and faith has historically been fraught, with far too many preaching fallacy that the two are mutually exclusive. Columbus singer/songwriter Trey Pearson has tackled this very topic head-on in his new video released today, “Hey Jesus.” With his band Everyday Sunday, Trey Pearson has soldContinue Reading

It’s not every day that you get to sing a moving song by an iconic rocker. And it’s even more rare that the moment is captured on film, makes its way to the attention of the iconic rocker, she watches it, and then posts glowingly about it to her 500,000 followers on social media!

When the Ohio Lesbian Festival (OLF) opted to boldly use the word ‘lesbian’ in its title, organizers and participants stood at the forefront of shaping a society free from oppression. Now an incredible 30 years later, OLF’s diverse assortment of performances, activities, and educational workshops continue to allow women to express themselves freely and grow without fear of being ostracized, not just within the festival grounds but in every area of their lives.