Prizm News / June 18, 2019 / By Staley Munroe

Participants in the 2019 Trans Pride March form hearts with their hands as a sign of unity at the Ohio Statehouse.
Photo by Staley Munroe

The inaugural Trans Pride March was held in Columbus last weekend

As Felicia DeRosa of TransOhio asked the over 1000 individuals to hold up their hands in the shape of a heart, there was hope, there was resiliency, and there was a palpable sense of community. It was just one of the many inspiring moments on Friday, June 14 during the Trans Pride March held in Columbus.

“Pride has not always been the most welcoming and inclusive towards the trans and non-binary community, especially for [people of color],” says Briden Cole Schueren, one of the organizers of the event. “With creating a grassroots feeling march, it brings back what Pride is all about: the inclusion of ALL the LGBTQIA letters.”

Marchers gathered at the Statehouse where several speakers addressed those assembled. The group then marched together to Bicentennial Park. 

“We need an acknowledgement that we exist,” Eileen Galvin, one of the event’s speakers, said to the audience. “But most of all, we need legal protection of our rights to not be fired for being trans, to have access to healthcare, buy and rent homes, serve our country, and use the bathroom. In order to do this we ask that our allies help us build safer spaces, to listen to us and hear our needs and our perspective.”

With the success of this inaugural event only a few days old, there are already plans to hold the event in 2020. 

“Three days after the march, I sat down and started to plan for next year’s march, “says Scheueren. “I am excited for it to grow but I want it to maintain its grassroots feel.”