Prizm News / May 20, 2019 / By Ilona Westfall

Photo courtesy of Pam Rocker

Presidential Candidate Pam Rocker Wants to Move the Country Forward

By Ilona Westfall

Pam Rocker has big plans for the country. With her “One Human Race 2020” campaign, the Cincinnati native and democratic presidential candidate wants to unite a divided U.S. and create a booming economy. Her plans include ensuring access to transportation with a free car for each household (dubbed a “Freedom Car”), and a lessening of the national debt with funds raised from the legalization of marijuana. If elected, Rocker will make history: becoming the first trans woman of color President. 

Rocker is not one to shy away from her Ohio roots, and is quick to highlight that they contribute to her approach.

“I’m a Midwestern girl,” declares Rocker. “I come from good people that want to see our country succeed.” 

To learn more about Rocker’s candidacy in the crowded field of conternders, Prizm spoke with her about her vision for the nation.

What do you hope to accomplish as President?

I want to bring the American people together. It’s our mission to excite the population with a new freedom car and legalization of marijuana across all 50 states. We want to move our country 20 steps forward instead of 20 steps backward in the year 2020. We want to create new jobs and bring industry back to America, including to cities like Detroit, Michigan where so many jobs were lost. We want to make America prosperous again. And when you create those jobs in Detroit, Michigan, for example, not only do you create those jobs, but it triggers a domino effect, creating jobs in Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin, and all throughout the Midwest.

How does LGBTQ+ identity factor into your campaign?

I’m the first transgender woman of color to run for president. So we want to focus on inclusion and diversity and moving our country forward. The current administration is putting our community backward by banning trans people from the military. If we successfully get into the White House we will undo every executive order that the incumbent has put on LGBTQ+ people. We also want to focus on hate crimes, discrimination and healthcare for LGBTQ+ people. We want to make sure we include the LGBTQ+ community members that are homeless, elevating everyone and giving them a helping hand because this community has been set back 50 years by the current administration. That’s why I say the year 2020 is a milestone year. It should be a year where we are celebrating our accomplishments and our achievements and exciting the American population on how far we have come as a country.

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Ilona Westfall is a Cleveland-based freelance writer and regular contributor to Cleveland Magazine and FreshWater Cleveland. Follow her on Twitter at @IlonaWestfall.