Prizm News / March 18, 2019 / By Bob Vitale

The Ohio Civil Rights Hall of Fame inducted Dr. Errol Alexander, the late Dr. Joseph Carter Corbin (represented by biographer Gladys Turner Finney), Jo Ann Davison, Renee Powell (who also represented her late father William Powell), and Jim Obergefell. (Photo courtesy of the Ohio Civil Rights Commission)

Two LGBTQ advocates are among the state’s 66 honorees. You can submit your suggestions through May.

By Bob Vitale

The Ohio Civil Rights Hall of Fame is accepting nominations through the end of May for its 11th class of inductees who have advanced the causes of equality and inclusion in our state. 

Nominees can be living or deceased, but they should be Ohioans who have made significant contributions in support of civil rights, cultural awareness and understanding in furtherance of a more just society, according to the Ohio Civil Rights Commission. 

Nominations can come from members of the public, businesses, and civil or community groups. 

Since 2009, the commission has honored 66 Ohioans who’ve made their marks in the state and beyond. 

Inductees include author Toni Morrison, Olympian Jesse Owens, Ohio’s Tuskegee Airmen, and former Ohio House Speaker Jo Ann Davidson. Two LGBTQ Ohioans are members of the Civil Rights Hall of Fame: Former Ohio State University law professor Rhonda Rivera, an early advocate for LGBTQ civil rights in the state, was inducted in 2010; marriage-equality plaintiff Jim Obergefell was inducted in 2018. 

To learn more about the nomination process or to get a nomination form, visit the Ohio Civil Rights Commission’s website.