Prizm News / December 3, 2018 / By Prizm News

The Hawk, of course. The ‘gay Cheers’ is known as a place for good times and cheap, strong drinks.


By Prizm News

The Hawk, a post-Prohibition tavern that became a gay bar about 40 years ago, has been named one of Cleveland’s best dive bars. 


“As you should!,” one Facebook commenter said of the designation by The Plain Dealer in a feature on Cleveland’s best “dive bars and old-school taverns.”  

The 85-year-old West Side bar that likes to describe itself as a “gay Cheers” was recognized among Northeast Ohio hangouts known for their cheap and strong drinks, unpretentious crowds and status as antidotes to trendy nightspots. 

The “pillars of stability in a changing world,” as The Plain Dealer described them, included bars popular with bowlers, bikers, punks, sports fans and other crowds. The Hawk was the only gay bar on the list. 

Playing on the Cheers comparison, the paper said of the Hawk: “This is the bar where everyone knows you’re gay.” 

It’s a secret many already are in on. The Hawk can pack people in on weekends, although reviews alternately describe the bar as a place where you can be left alone or as a place where you can strike up conversations with total strangers. 

One Facebook review that sums the place up:

“The Hawk is a little hole in the wall treasure.”

And another:

“The best random fun nights always happen at the Hawk.”

The Hawk is located at 11217 Detroit Ave., Cleveland, 44102.