Prizm News / October 29, 2018 / By Bob Vitale
Steve Kornacki calls the Aug. 7 special election in Ohio’s 12th Congressional District. (Photo captured from video)


…Or at least your inner Steve Kornacki. Predict next Tuesday’s results and win a fabulous prize that only a political junkie would love.


By Bob Vitale

You know who you are.


Just this past weekend, you donned a Halloween costume for a night out with friends but found yourself talking about Mike DeWine’s dismal record on LGBTQ issues.

You vow every night that you’re going read a book or watch a movie, but by 9 p.m. you’re tuning in to Rachel Maddow and hoping Steve Kornacki’s at the big board.

You know what’s on the mind of voters in Minnesota. You’re following governor’s races in Florida and Georgia. You still can’t figure out Indiana.

It’s time to put that obsession to good use.

We’ve asked more than a dozen LGBTQ politicos from around Ohio—campaign managers, strategists, candidates, office-holders and activists—to help us see what’s coming on Nov. 6.

But this is a year when a lot of us have become political pundits. So we’re asking you to share your predictions as well.

Send your answers to me at I’ll compile them for a story before Election Day and tally the results after.

Since Rachel hasn’t written a book since 2012, we’ll give the winner a copy of “The Red and the Blue,” a new release by Kornacki.

Here are our questions:

Which party will win control of the U.S. House?  

Predict the net pickup of U.S. House seats for either party.

Which party will win control of the U.S. Senate? 

Predict the net change of U.S. Senate seats for either party.

Who will win the governor’s race in Ohio and with what percentage of the vote? 

Who will win the U.S. Senate race in Ohio and with what percentage of the vote? 

Republicans currently hold 12 of Ohio’s U.S. House seats, and Democrats hold four seats. What will be the makeup of Ohio’s congressional delegation after the election? 

Which U.S. House seats from Ohio will change party control? 

Pick the winner of the following races around the country involving LGBTQ candidates:
• U.S. Senate, Arizona: openly bisexual Democrat Krysten Sinema vs. Republican Martha McSally.

• Governor of Colorado: openly gay Democrat Jared Polis vs. Republican Walker Stapleton.
• Governor of Vermont: openly transgender Democrat Christine Hallquist vs. Republican Phil Scott.

There are 11 LGBTQ people running for office in Ohio. How many will win their races? 

Predict the upset on Nov. 6 that no one else sees coming.

Which candidate anywhere in the country would you be happiest to see win? 

Bonus Question: Write the Washington Post’s front-page headline for Nov. 7.