Prizm News / September 23, 2018 / By Brad Henry

Since last year’s Apple commercials, the duo has gone come from obscurity to Top 40 radio. 


Sofi Tukker will perform on Thursday, Oct. 11 in Columbus at A&R Music Bar, 391 Neil Ave., 43215, in the Arena District. Tickets are $16 and can be purchased here. Prizm’s Brad Henry interviewed Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern about their influences and favorites.

By Brad Henry

Sofi Tukker, a band built on endless shows, traveling, friends and creating music they describe as sounding like your friends would be. The band is made up of Sophie Hawley-Weld and Tucker Halpern.


The duo has a flair for Latino, Portuguese and Brazilian influences and travels the world for inspiration.  

“Treehouse,” their first full-length record, is described as a magical place where you can return to a childlike state of awe and creation. This sentiment would be reflected in the video for “Batshit,” which turns the track into a full-on Mad Max water balloon desert war game.

Your lyrical stylings and vocals of Soffi Tukker are far from traditional. How did the combination of stylings come to be and what is the process you go into when writing music?

Sophie: The combination of stylings really just comes organically from who we are. Tuck and I come from such different styles and inspirations, and so when we meet in the middle, it’s this weird space where Sofi Tukker exists. It’s exactly the cross-section of our two very different selves. The process of writing is always different. It depends on what is inspiring us at the moment.

You have a fascination with House music. What drives the fascination and how is it influencing your music?

Tucker: I love house music. It’s what got me into making music, and then when I started DJ’ing I fell even deeper in love. It influences our music in many ways; one is the way house music brings in and out energy and takes the listener on a journey.

Given the offbeat nature of your music, what are some of your musical influences growing up?

Sophie: I grew up in international school communities around the world, and my parents listened to a lot of Buena Vista Social Club, Jazz, and bossa nova. In high school, I was surrounded by kids from over 100 countries, and so I was constantly learning about new types of music and I totally missed what was “mainstream” at the time.

Tucker: Very unlike Soph, I always listened to popular music and went through tons of phases growing up, like punk and lots of rap.

If you could write a song for anyone, who would it be and what would you title it?

Sophie: If I could write a song for anyone it would be for… Sofi Tukker. Honestly, I’m just really excited about a song we just finished and it’s called, “Fantasy.”

Tucker: Yeah, if we write a great song, it’s probably because it is honest and us. And if that’s the case, it should be a Sofi Tukker song!

Your audiences are really diverse. Do you feel the diversity drives the culture in your shows?

Sophie: It makes us so happy to look out into the crowds and see so much diversity. We feel really fortunate to be able to travel the world and connect with different kinds of people from all different kinds of places. We keep being shocked by where our music has travelled and who has resonated with it. It’s so cool! And I think it does drive the culture at our shows, which tend to just feel like really open-minded, open-hearted wild communities.

What’s in the future for you, and where do you want to take your music and sound?

Tucker: So much more of it all! Lots of new music, touring, videos, everything! I want to take the music wherever we feel inspired and excited.

Sophie: I think we just want to take our music everywhere. I want to continue being excited by new sounds and just surprising ourselves with what comes out! I want to experiment with it all. Nothing is off-limits if it excites us.

Something no one knows about you:

Tucker: I just dyed my hair pink. And no one will know ’til I post about it.

Sophie: My first job was at a whale-watching company.

Favorite way to relax and unwind:

Tucker: Friends and ocean.

Sophie: Bath and sex.

One person you could spend one hour with and what would you do:

Tucker: This cool woman I met this summer and we would play tennis.

Sophie: My dad and we would go on a long run.

The one person you could record a duet with and why:

Sophie: Rodrigo Amarante. I love his voice and style so much.

Tucker: Yolandi from Die Antwoord because her high voice with my low one would be funny. 

Favorite song by genre…


Sophie: Sheryl Crow and Kid Rock duet. “Picture” … Is that what it’s called?

Tucker: You stole mine! Yes, “Picture!”

Hip Hop:

Tucker: “What We Do,” Da BackWudz.

Sophie: “Lemon,” N.E.R.D.


Tucker: “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” Nirvana.

Sophie: “Pedestrian at Best,” Courtney Barnett.


Tucker: Our unreleased remix of Bishop Briggs’ “Baby.” It’ll be out soon.

Sophie: “Trace of Us,” BOII.


Sophie: “Coco Bongo,” Tom Tyger.

Tucker: She right, that’s a heater! I’ll throw it back: “Cry for You,” September.


Tucker: “I Feel Love,” Donna Summer.  

Sophie: Earth Wind and Fire, “September.”

The one song no one believes you would like:

Sophie: Harry Styles. Everything.

Tucker: Doctor Jones, “Aqua.” Although maybe everyone believes I’d like that…

The one song you have always wanted to cover:

Sophie: Everything by my heroes: Gilberto Gil and Caetano Veloso.

Tucker: I usually don’t feel the need to cover. If I love the song, why change it?