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The Australian singer came out as bisexual last year and shares her journey in a new single.



By Prizm News

Pop artist Starley didn’t have the easiest time of it when she came out to her family in 2017 as bisexual.

“My father and I are very close,” she told in June. “It was a lot for him because he just never would have expected that from me. I come from a religious family and I grew up in church. I think it was really hard for them to handle at first, and both of us went through a tough time last year, but we’re on the mend. I think love just conquers everything and being honest and upfront about everything helps a lot. But it was pretty hard.”

The Australian singer who now calls Los Angeles home has just released a new single called “Love Is Love,” which tells her story and the coming-out story of so many others. The video features couples, families and friends sharing their own thoughts about love—”love is peace,” “love is powerful,” “love is life”—and Starley’s own take on the topic:

“You asked me if it’s your fault
For letting me play with trucks when I was younger
And then you went on to say
‘How will I break these news to your mother’

“And you say you cried for three days straight daddy
And I don’t understand you
‘Cause loving her, it ain’t an illness
She makes me happy

“We’ve got to hold one another
We’ve got to hold on real tight
You know we only have each other
As long you open up your eyes
‘Cause love is love, oh
‘Cause love is love ”

Starley told that she had been in relationships with men her whole life but a few years ago realized that she was attracted to women as well. She met TV host Hannah Rad last year and fell in love.

“I never thought I could be in a relationship with a woman, but when I met her, all of that changed,” Starley told the website.