Prizm News / June 26, 2018 / By Prizm News
Bill Wilson and Bill Smith

Bill Wilson, the mayor of Elmwood Place in Hamilton County, faces charges that include resisting arrest.


By Prizm News

The mayor of a small village in Hamilton County faces charges of domestic violence, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest after he and his husband got into a fight at Cincinnati Pride that continued once they got home.

Bill Wilson, 48, the mayor of Elmwood Place, was arrested Saturday night at his home. His husband, Bill Smith, 60, also was arrested and charged with domestic violence and disorderly conduct, according to Hamilton County court records.


The Cincinnati Enquirer and WLWT-TV both reported that Wilson and Smith attended Cincinnati Pride on Saturday and got into an argument over who was more drunk and who should drive home.

A woman who was with them told the newspaper than Smith struck Wilson in the car and she heard them yelling and fighting as she walked away from their home.

Police told local media that both men had cuts from glass and injuries to their eyes. Police charged both men with domestic violence because they didn’t know who was the instigator in the fight.

Wilson was elected mayor of Elmwood Place, a village of about 2,000, in 2015.

Smith is also employed by the village as its maintenance supervisor.