By Romeo San Vicente

Bisexual punk rock icon and TV sketch comedy star Carrie Brownstein, of Sleater-Kinney and “Portlandia” fame, is hard at work on a new TV series that will bring the two halves of her working life together.

Carrie Brownstein

It’s called “Search and Destroy,” Hulu’s got it, and it’s based on her 2015 memoir, “Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl.” No release date has been given yet.

This TV news does not give you permission to skip reading the book, however, because the series, as of this moment, is considered a “loose” adaptation. That means it’s not exactly going to be The Sleater-Kinney Story, but it will at least be the story of underground rock in the ’90s from a queer, female perspective, with all the Riot Grrrl-ing that entails.


We’re daydreaming about it already, thinking of all the great rock ‘n’ roll women who could make cameo appearances.

Bookmark this one in your brain. It has the potential to be legendary.

Romeo San Vicente writes Deep Inside Hollywood for Q Syndicate, an LGBTQ news service. (Top photo from Sleater-Kinney, via Facebook. Brownstein photo from IFC.)