Prizm News / January 1, 2018 / By Julia Applegate
Illustration by Christian Cimoroni

By Julia Applegate

Far too often, LGBTQ community members are forced to hide their sexual orientation or gender identity when seeking healthcare. Fear of being stigmatized, discriminated against or outright denied care because of one’s identity is a familiar feeling for many of us.

We started this guide to connect lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer community members with health and social service providers who are committed to providing LGBTQ-centered care.

We know that providers who have received LGBTQ cultural humility training, who use inclusive language in their paperwork and who provide LGBTQ-specific health education tools are more likely to understand our unique needs and circumstances when we seek care.

We also know that as LGBTQ individuals, we often are left to rely on friend circles or informal referrals to find providers who are LGBTQ-safe or -friendly.

We created this statewide resource to empower our communities with knowledge and information to connect you with the providers who want to take care of us and who possess the skillset to do so.

The Institute for LGBTQ Health Equity is proud to publish the statewide LGBTQ Health Providers Guide, and we hope you will find it useful as you seek out health and social service providers. If you know of a provider who should be listed in the guide, please ask them to complete the survey at this link:

For questions about the guide, please contact Ramona Peel at

And if you know of a provider who could benefit from LGBTQ cultural humility training, please contact us at