Saturday, February 24, 2018


Black LGBTQ Activists Found Guilty on 6 of 8 Counts

  They were part of a group that protested at last year's Columbus Pride parade.   By Bob Vitale  A Franklin County jury convicted three black and LGBTQ activists Monday on six misdemeanor counts stemming from a 2017 Columbus Pride protest of police violence, violence against trans women and marginalization of people of color within the LGBTQ community.  Sentencing for Wriply Bennet, Ashley Braxton and Kendall Denton will come sometime...

Remembering Barbara Havens, Ally Extraordinaire

Prizm News / February 8, 2018 / By Bob Vitale     Generous, vivacious and one of a kind, she championed our cause when few others had the courage. By Bob Vitale   Everyone has a Barbara Havens story.  Or 10.  Tom Queen remembers a Black and White Party she hosted at her home on Schiller Park in Columbus' German Village back in '96 or '97. She put...

The Dock in Cincinnati Is the Latest Ohio Gay Bar Set to Close

Prizm News / February 7, 2018 / By Bob Vitale The state of Ohio has bought the nightclub to make way for nearby bridge improvements, but its final night isn't yet certain.       By Bob Vitale Say goodbye to another gay bar: The Dock in Cincinnati, home of the city's first Pride festival and the starting point for many a coming-out story, will be torn down...
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Hope For the Future, Worry For Now

Prizm News / January 1, 2018 / By Dre' Varela My gender-fluid 12-year-old faces the world with confidence and pride, but I’m scared out of my mind. By Dre’ Varela There was one child drag queen among the beautiful mass of sparkly...

Why I’m Running

Prizm News / January 1, 2018 / By Mary B. Relotto If there’s a silver lining to the nightmare of 2016, it’s in the determination of equality-minded Americans to step up and seek public office.   By Mary B. Relotto I never considered running...


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Anti-Gay Church Buys Former Gay Bar in Toledo

Prizm News / February 5, 2018 / By Bob Vitale   Adams Street businesses vows to keep the Downtown district a welcoming place.  By Bob Vitale A church that lists homosexuality, bisexuality and gender dysphoria as sins comparable to incest and bestiality has bought the building that housed Toledo's oldest gay bar until late December.   Former Bretz owner Michelle Woda said in a Facebook...

Paris Still Burns

Prizm News / February 1, 2018 / By D.A. Steward The house ball scene’s journey from underground to the mainstream hasn't dimmed its spirit. By D.A. Steward In the 2015 documentary, “Strike a Pose,” an update on the lives of the dancers featured 24 years earlier in Madonna’s “Truth or Dare” concert film, Luis Camacho and Jose Gutierez explain how the Queen of...

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